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Multi Brand Tires Campaign

Offer Expires On 30 September, 2020

The campaign finish by end of September 2020

Terms and Conditions

    • The campaign will finish by end of Sep 2020
    • When purchasing a set of 4 tires in attractive price, you will get with it the following:
    • Installation of 4 tires
    • Wheel Balancing (regular type of balancing only)
    • Installing of 4 new tire’s valves
    • 12 points checkup
    • Checkup points are as follows:
      1. Brake pads and discs.
      2. Engine oil level.
      3. Drive belt.
      4. Drive shaft boots.
      5. Front and rear lights.
      6. AC filter condition.
      7. Brake fluid level.
      8. Suspension front & rear
      9. Report any oil leak underneath.
      10. Power steering fluid level.
      11. Check wiper fluid level
      12. Check battery fluid level.
    • VAT (15%) included in shown prices
    • The prices will vary and increase depending on tire size and car model. For the prices of other tire sizes and models it is available with Service Advisors in service centers
    • Some tire’s models may not be available or delay reaching to centers due logistic services provided by supplier.
    • All services in this campaign is applicable for the customer’s car (which changed 4 tires) and is nontransferable.
    • This campaign for cash payments
    • Car wash is not included in this campaign
    • Call 920024454 for making an appointment
    • Tire warranty is as per the manufacturers and distributors in Saudi Arabia
    • Excluded models: Coaster, Hiace, 86’, Supra, Previa
    • The three tire brands in this campaign as follow: Bridgestone, Dunlop & Yokohama, these are JAPANESE Companies and manufacturing tires different countries, the exact model make is available with Service Advisors in centers.

Multi Brand Tires Campaign

Is it possible to buy less than 4 tires in offer’s price?

Which Brands are included in this campaign?

Where to find my vehicle tire size for this campaign if it is not listed?

Dose the offer available in all Abdul Lateef Jameel centers?

What is the warranty provided with the offer?

Are all offered campaign tires are manufactured in Japan?

Model name Size Brand Made in Final customer price 4 Tires
Yaris 175/65R14 Bridgestone Indonesia 799
185/60R15 Yokohama Japan 1,002
Corolla 195/65R15 Dunlop Japan 918
205/55R16 Dunlop Japan 1,203
Camry 215/55ZR17 Bridgestone Europe 1,259
205/65R16 Dunlop Indonesia 1,357
215/60R16 Bridgestone Europe 1,139
205/65R15 Dunlop Japan 1,029
Aurion 215/55ZR17 Bridgestone Europe 1,259
Avalon 215/55ZR17 Bridgestone Europe 1,259
235/45R18 Bridgestone Japan 2,089
Avanza 185/70R14 Bridgestone Indonesia 935
Rush 215/65R16 Dunlop Indonesia 1,357
215/60R17 Bridgestone india 1,767
Innova 205/65R16 Dunlop Indonesia 1,357
205/65R15 Dunlop Japan 1,029
Rav4 225/65R17 Bridgestone Japan 1,600
Prado 265/65R17 Yokohama Thai 1,746
265/60R18 Yokohama Thai 1,987
FJ 265/75R16 Dunlop Japan 2,462
265/70R17 Yokohama Japan 1,806
Fortuner 265/65R17 Yokohama Thai 1,746
265/60R18 Yokohama Thai 1,987
Land Cruiser 285/60R18 Yokohama Thai 2,148
285/50R20 Yokohama Phil 2,058
285/65R17 Yokohama Thai 1,902
275/70R16 Yokohama Thai 1,786
Sequoia 275/65R18 Yokohama Japan 2,334
275/55R20 Yokohama Phil 2,183
HILUX D. Cabin 265/65R17 Yokohama Thai 1,746
265/60R18 Yokohama Thai 1,987
215/65R16 Dunlop Thai 1,505
225/70R17 Dunlop Thai 2,097
HILUX S. Cabin 205/70R15 Yokohama Japan 1,535
LC70 265/70R16 Bridgestone Thailand 1,958