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Service Offer

Dunlop Tires Campaign

Offer Expires On 30 April, 2020

The campaign finish by end of April 2020


Terms and Conditions

    • The campaign finish by end of April 2020
    • When purchasing a set of 4 tires in attractive price, you will get with it the following:
      • Installation of 4 tires
      • Wheel Balancing (regular type of balancing only)
      • Installing of 4 new tire’s valves
      • 12 points checkup
      • Checkup points are as follows:
        • Brake pads and discs.
        • Engine oil level.
        • Drive belt.
        • Drive shaft boots.
        • Front and rear lights.
        • AC filter condition.
        • Brake fluid level.
        • Suspension front & rear
        • Report any oil leak underneath.
        • Power steering fluid level.
        • Check wiper fluid level
        • Check battery fluid level.
    • VAT included in shown prices
    • The prices will vary and increased depending on the tire size and car model. For the prices of other tire sizes and models it is available with Service Advisors in service centers.
    • Some tire’s models may not be available or delay reaching to centers due logistic services provided by supplier of Dunlop tires
    • All services in this campaign is applicable for the customer’s car (which changed 4 tires) and is nontransferable
    • This campaign for cash payments
    • Car wash not included in this campaign
    • Appointment is a must for this campaign. Call 920024454 for making appointment or by clicking here
    • Tire warranty is as per the manufacturer (Dunlop) and distributor (Bin Zagar) in Saudi Arabia
    • Models excluded: Coaster, Hiace, 86’, Supra, Previa

Dunlop Tires Campaign

Is it possible to buy less than 4 tires in offer’s price?

Does the offer includes brands other than DUNLOP?

Dose the offer available in all Abdul Lateef Jameel centers?

What is the warranty coming with the offer?

Car Model Tire Size مقاس الكفر Final total price السـعر الإجمالي النهائي مـوديــل السيارة
Yaris 175/65R14 814 يـاريس
Yaris 185/60R15 992 يـاريس
Corolla 195/65R 15 848 كورولا
Corolla 205/55 R16 1123 كورولا
Camry 205/65R15 823 كامري
Camry 215/60R16 1017 كامري
Camry 205/65R16 1239 كامري
Camry 215/55ZR17 1369 كامري
Avalon /Aurion 215/55ZR17 1369 اوريون / افالون
Avanza 185/70R14 860 افانزا
Rush 215/65 R16 1241 رش
Rush 215/60 R17 1663 رش
Innova 205/65R15 823 انوفـا
Innova 205/65R16 1239 انوفـا
Rav4 225/65R17 1587 راف فور
Rav4 225/65R17 1973 راف فور
FJ Cruiser 265/75R16 2246 اف جي كروزر
FJ Cruiser 265/70R17 2345 اف جي كروزر
Fortuner 265/65R17 1731 فورشـنر
Fortuner 265/65R17 2002 فورشـنر
Fortuner 265/60R18 2543 فورشـنر
Prado 265/70R16  1717 بـرادو
Prado 265/65R17 1731 بـرادو
Prado 265/60R18 2543 بـرادو
Prado 265/60R18 3036 بـرادو
Land Cruiser 235/85R16 1562 لاند كروزر
Land Cruiser 275/70R16 1649 لاند كروزر
Land Cruiser 245/85 R16 1925 لاند كروزر
Land Cruiser 275/65R17 1948 لاند كروزر
Land Cruiser 285/60R18 2292 لاند كروزر
Land Cruiser 285/65R17 2499 لاند كروزر
Land Cruiser 285/50R20 2673 لاند كروزر
LC Pickup 265/70R16C 2842 لاندكروزر بك اب
Hilux 215/65R16C 1374 هايلكس
Hilux 205/70R15 1484 هايلكس
Hilux 265/65R17 2002 هايلكس